Of the two weddings I recently attended, at the conclusion of each ceremony, the same statement was made by both couples: "Now we can adopt our child." I had been so excited about our court victories, the awareness of adoption had escaped me.

Being married, much less having children is something that many of us never thought we would live to see. For years many of us have fantasized about having a family, but for most of us, it has been merely an imaginary thought. No more. It's a new day.

One local organization with an outstanding reputation within our community in helping us adopt is coordinators2inc. They have assisted several members of our community in adopting children and are sensitive to our unique issues. Read the story below about two gay men who now are loving parents...and who are loving it! And they credit coordinators2 with making it happen.

If adoption is something you have dreamed of, attend the coordinators2inc. seminar on November 11th. Your dreams just may come true.