shoes 2020

~ The Rev. Jeffery Fishwick

Every once in a while, something happens that reminds me why we are here. Through Diversity Thrift, we share clothing vouchers for those in need. A gentleman who we are helping came to the store yesterday with his voucher. I thought he did not understand the process so I was explaining it to him. Then he said, “I am legally blind and need someone to help me look for a coat. I cannot see.” I then turned to an already very busy store manager who gently said to our friend, “Please let me help you. The coats are this way.”

Then just this morning, a social worker and a client came to the store. The client, an elderly man, was barefooted. He had no shoes, just socks. As the social worker was talking, my mind was racing. There standing before me was an old man who looked worn and beaten. And he was barefooted.

I am thankful for people who dedicate their lives to helping others, especially those who it is so easy for society to overlook. The poor, the homeless, the hungry, the mentally ill.

I dare say that the founders of our organization never had any idea of the impact that Diversity Richmond would eventually have on the world. Our arms are spread wide…one person at a time.

While our main focus is the LGBTQ community, we continually find ourselves with a wider reach. If you can help us continue to help…our donation button is below.

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