Feed More veggie inspection

Expanding LGBTQ outreach programs to be more inclusive

Nonprofits must continually look in the mirror. If we do not constantly examine ourselves, we can easily become irrelevant. We cannot rest on our laurels. The world changes and so do the needs of those we serve.

We recently discovered a huge need, that we feel called to address. Many of our neighbors do not have enough food to eat. Children are going to bed hungry and that is no exaggeration.

The pandemic has affected everyone in negative ways, but especially the most already vulnerable. The hospitality industry has been extremely hard-hit. Many of those who work in housekeeping, landscaping and food service are Hispanic. Many families depend upon schools for breakfasts and lunches, which, at the moment, is a thing of the past.

That is why we are hosting our second food drive. While historically our main focus has been the LGBTQ community (and it still is) we cannot sit idly by when we can help.

A few weeks ago we gave over 500 families a week’s supply of groceries. “Humbling” does not describe the experience. Cars were lined up an hour before we opened. The excitement of the kids, the obvious appreciation of the adults. We knew that day that we wanted to do more.

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Thank you for making the good work of Diversity Richmond continue.

Bill Harrison

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Pictured above: Events Coordinator, Raul Cantu and Board Chair, Cheezi Farmer survey a small sampling of the fresh vegetables that Feed More donated to our last food drive.