Trying to find something to smile about has been a challenge recently. Loss of jobs, income and security, not to mention the staggering numbers of people becoming infected and of people dying paints a grim picture. But, if we look, the signs of hope are there.

The dogwood tree outside the Diversity Richmond offices is in full bloom, greeting those who venture out for walks. We are constantly reading about every day, ordinary people conducting fundraisers for our friends in the hospitality business … our favorite waitstaff, bartenders or our barbers and stylists. Local nonprofits are finding creative ways to continue to help those who rely on them for food.

The news broadcasts show folks leading car parades of teachers riding through neighborhoods, reminding students that they are missed. One of my favorite segments was a gentleman walking through his neighborhood playing the accordion. This brought kids outside away from their phone games.

I need not remind anyone of the other virus that turned our worlds upside down a few years ago. That also came out of nowhere and ravaged our community. We faced those times with compassion, determination and fortitude, vowing to never give up. And we won. We will do the same this time.

Take care of yourselves, don’t be foolish. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other.


Bill Harrison