Give OUT Day challenge

Wanda Fears makes $1,000 challenge

Thursday, April 18 is Give Out Day. The annual national effort has raised more than $5 Million for 600 LGBTQ organizations. Diversity Richmond is one of those nonprofits.
Longtime Diversity Richmond supporter, Wanda Fears is kicking off our campaign with a $1,000 challenge, meaning that she will match the first $1,000 donated to Diversity Richmond.

Why donate to Diversity Richmond? Last year over 5,000 people used our building for free. Since 1999, we have invested over $1 Million back into the local LGBT community, making countless projects successful, helping thousands of people. Since 2016 we have spent over $15,000 helping LGBT people who were facing homelessness. We donated over 1,000 books last summer to local public schools and hundreds of articles of clothing to clients of LGBT community organizations.

If you are a Facebook friend of ours you will receive donation reminders tomorrow. Or you can donate now using this link.

We value your support and carefully invest every donated dollar back into the community.

Thank you.
Bill Harrison

Pictured L to R: Haley Beck Realtor, Brinlin Maki Realtor, Wanda Fears Team Leader, Chris Golding assist