Black LGBTQ winners

For the past two Februarys, Diversity Richmond has coordinated our “Black and Bold” series with several events taking place during the month. This year we shift our recognition of the contributions of local leaders in the African American LGBT community to those throughout the Commonwealth.

Richmond is still a segregated society. Events ranging from the historic “Two Street Festival,” to the newer celebration of our first Black Pride Festival, have tremendous support, but there is always one thing missing: white people.

If white people are truly invested in expanding our minds and developing better understandings of the world, we will grab every opportunity to listen to the vastly different journeys of LGBT people of color. Nothing new here, but what would be new is seeing lots of Caucasian people at events such as Black and Bold.

Merely attending an event does not make us humanitarians, but for my white brothers and sisters, I attest that understanding openness can be the beginning of a life-altering path. Although my eyes have been opened to a lot, I am very much a 65-year old work-in-progress.

Information about our 2019 Black and Blue Awards is listed below. I promise you that you will not leave empty-hearted. So to our white community, we are all indebted to the courageous work of countless people, many being people of color whose contributions and struggles have often been overlooked or ignored. They should be celebrated.

I am personally very proud of Diversity Richmond for taking the lead in these endeavors and recognitions. Your support has and will continue to help us make history.

Bill Harrison