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I have often shared that this is one hectic place to work. Staff member juggle enough effort for at least two people. Nonprofit job descriptions are not worth the paper they are written on. You do whatever needs doing. Maintaining an older, big building brings an issue of some sort most every day. Our delivery truck needs repairs, the plumbing is leaking, we just realized that we double-booked two groups using the same conference room. Ugh! It is easy to wonder, at the end of the day, if we have done anything that actually befitted our LGBTQ community.

Then it will happen. A “Diversity moment.” A moment that reminds us what a privilege it is to work here. My most recent was a couple of Sundays ago.

A friend to many of us, Pete Terrell, died July 24th. His brother, Guy, who is also a community member, asked if the memorial service could be held here. We were honored.

As I sat on the back row I looked over the sizable crowd, realizing that the vast majority of people present had never been here before. Folks from Pete’s professional and personal life of 77 years were here. Once again I realized how far reaching the arms of Diversity Richmond can be. People, many of them total strangers to each other, brought together by a common bond, a man who had touched them profoundly, a man who happened to be gay, at a place called Diversity Richmond.

We were there again for someone who needed us. And what a privilege that is. For this, our community should be proud. We have our differences and opposing opinions, but hopefully those things that unite us, the struggles and journeys and commonalities that bind us will sustain us throughout.

I believe they will.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director

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