The Executive LGBTQ Leadership Committee

And we love doing it

As I sit at my computer typing this letter I am listening to Richmond Triangle Players practice an upcoming musical. Their rehearsal room is right outside my office. A few doors down our Iridian Art Gallery committee is planning their next award-winning exhibition and in the classroom is the board meeting of Monument City Music. Add to that the production of “Butterflies,” in our event hall. The play is a part of Black Pride RVA that is also taking place at Diversity this weekend.

Pictured above: The Executive LGBTQ Leadership Committee
often meets at Diversity

This is just a sampling of what Diversity Richmond does every day. We provide free clothing to clients of organizations such as Health Brigade and Side By Side and for the last years have invested $5,000 annually helping homeless or near-homeless LGBTQ people. We donate books to Richmond City Public Schools libraries; house two transgender and three LGBTQ twelve step programs.

All while doing that, we run one of the city’s top thrift stores, donating profits back to the LGBTQ community.

Plus we spend lots of time on the phone and in person with folks who call upon us for support, just needing someone to talk with.

So when people ask, “Exactly what does Diversity Richmond do?” It’s not easy to explain, but we one thing we know…we do a lot.

Thank you for your continued support that makes all this possible.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director

Can you help us continue our good work of supporting our community? Please mail your donation to 1407 Sherwood Avenue, Richmond, VA 23220 or online here