Thanks to community support, Diversity Richmond accomplished much in 2016 and we have lots in store for this year.

We proudly now host our third LGBT twelve-step program, which meets regularly in our classroom. Our free wellness and fitness classes will begin soon along with our men's discussion group that starts in February. The Women's Coming Out group begins yet another year in collaboration with Metropolitan Community Church.

February is Black History Month with several programs planned, some in collaboration with the Black History Museum. (That in itself is history.) Local African-American LGBT pioneers will be recognized with discussions about African- American activism, black queer politics as well as workshops addressing the lives of lesbians and transgender people of color.

Diversity Thrift will soon be open six days a week (we're now open five) and a "boutique" area of higher quality merchandise is in the works. Iridian Gallery has an exciting schedule of work by LGBT artists, some nationally recognized.

We estimate that last year more than 10,000 people used our free meeting spaces and attended events here at Diversity Richmond. We continue to work with our partner agencies in helping with clothing for those in need.  Our partnerships with schools and nonprofits where folks with challenges volunteer at the thrift store continue to grow.

None of this is possible without your support and that does not mean only financial backing. We also need bodies.  We need folks to work with special events, governance, programs and helping in the thrift store. If you get in touch with us, we will put you to work and you will make a difference. Let me hear from you, please.

Bill Harrison