"Friday night, Diversity Richmond felt like a community center shining in the brightest light -- each other. We usually come together in our darkest hours, but this year we stepped into the comfort of each other. Through our special events such as Scary-oke,  All Americans and The Big OH, we are proving, time and time again, that we can come together to shine as we did Friday night"

~ Brian Harrison, Diversity Richmond Board Member

Some nonprofits shy away from special events. They require lots of work. Quite often, if one takes the profit made and divides it by the number of hours worked, the balance sheet is one-sided.

But, more happens with special events than raising money. A successful event also builds community. No better examples of such than the three events we orchestrated in the last few months. All did more than raise much needed money.

At Diversity Richmond, we strive to be a true community center, a place where people can come and be themselves. A place that is a safe haven for our community, be it at large events or simply when committees, theater companies, communities of faith or support groups need space for meetings, they know all they need do is call.

We also work to set good examples for the rest of the world as to what the LGBTQ community is all about.

I had one of my "Diversity Moments" at Scary-oke. As I sat there and watched people dance, many of them being twenty-somethings and many being allies, I thought, "Wow. Look at what we have created. Our community is out there having a blast, celebrating life. They could be anywhere else, but they choose to be here."

We are "getting there," but most every day we realize yet another unmet need, or we have an idea that will make our community stronger. Can you help us? Your community needs you.

Bill Harrison