Our new board chair, Art Toth, and I recently met to discuss Diversity Richmond's future. Our latest strategic plan objectives have been accomplished so it's time to map out what we hope to accomplish in the next few years.

Much has been realized within the last four years. We first conducted a needs assessment to learn what our community liked and also where we needed to improve. We rebranded, changed our name and made major alterations to our building, inside and out.

We enlarged the thrift store, reinvigorated our grants program, bought a new thrift store truck, and had a record number of folks use our free meeting rooms for committees, rehearsals, prayers and fundraisers.

We are very proud of our art gallery, The Iridian Gallery at Diversity Richmond, one of the few in the nation solely dedicated to LGBT artists. Our event hall was the place where 2,000 of our community gathered for strength as we remembered our brothers and sisters who were murdered in Orlando.

Because of our grants and other means of working towards a stronger community, we were honored by the Richmond Chapter of the Association of Professional Fundraisers with the "Foundation Philanthropist of the Year Award," the first time an LGBT organization had been recognized.

We continue to share free clothing with those in need and every Monday we work with kids living with disabilities as they volunteer in our store. More recently we've celebrated with two beer/food truck events, bringing lots of new folks into the Diversity family.

We have big plans and announcements that we will share soon. We are very excited and just wanted you to know that all this is made possible by you ... our community. Thank you.


Bill Harrison

If you would like to help support the work we do at Diversity Richmond, please consider volunteering or making a cash donation -- mail a check to 1407 Sherwood Avenue, Richmond, Va. 23220, or donate online. Every little bit helps!