Ask any nonprofit executive director what makes a charity or foundation successful and the word volunteer will immediately surface. Where would we be without our volunteers? From board members to the good people who process clothes donated to Diversity Thrift, our mere existence depends on those who are generous with their time for the greater good.

No better example of a successful volunteer effort than our recent food and beer truck events. Volunteers planned everything from booking the vendors to selling beer tickets to sweeping the floors after everyone left. One great example of "community unity" was when volunteers from Metropolitan Community Church, Prime Timers, RVA Bears and Richmond Business Alliance all lined up to help.

Our beautiful newsletters are produced by volunteers. Photos taken at our events, the art exhibits developed and curated for our Iridian Gallery, managing bingo, planning programs such as our recent Black LGBT History Community Conversation and much of the work on our community's hugely attended Orlando vigil ... done by volunteers.

I have said many times, we are a powerful, resilient, loving people. We can accomplish whatever we put our minds too. We have proven that time and time again.

So if you are one of "ours" or if you volunteer elsewhere, please know that you are a major reason that life is improving, that stronger communities are being built, that damage is being repaired and injustices are being addressed. And for that, we say, thank you.


Bill Harrison

If you would like to help support the work we do at Diversity Richmond, please consider volunteering or making a cash donation -- mail a check to 1407 Sherwood Avenue, Richmond, Va. 23220, or donate online. Every little bit helps!