I have often shared that, in the midst of working at this hectic place, every once in a while something happens to remind us why we are here. We recently had another "Diversity Moment."

One of our programs that is making a definite difference is one that welcomes school kids on public assistance to shop for free clothing at Diversity Thrift. Last week, several young people from St. Joseph's Villa came to Diversity to shop for prom clothes.

St. Joseph Villa has served the community for more than 180 years. A sampling of their many programs includes assisting homeless mothers and their children, autistic youth and young people who need specialized teaching environments. Every spring, Villa kids are treated to their high school prom. We were delighted to lend a hand in making it a memorable experience.

When trying on her dress, one young woman twirled around with glee. Her joy was contagious as the other girls joined in with laughter and excitement. The young men were a bit more reserved, not allowing anyone to think that they were actually looking forward to a prom!

The staff that was present during the kids' shopping spree looked at each other and smiled. We did not need to speak. We knew what we were feeling. It was once again, yet another reminder of how fortunate we are to be a part of this wonderful place we call Diversity.


Bill Harrison

Services such as our free clothing program are made possible by the generosity of our supporters. To help, visit www.DiversityRichmond.org or mail a financial contribution to 1407 Sherwood Avenue, 23220.