A year ago we launched our rebranding campaign, with a new name being a central focus. Much has happened since. The exterior of our building is undergoing a make-over, we expanded our thrift store, enhanced our event hall and reached more people through our programs than ever before.

We relaunched our art space, giving it the new name of Iridian Gallery at Diversity Richmond. The gallery made history, being the first in the south to feature only LGBT artists and LGBT focused work. Our exhibits have garnered rave reviews.

We have made great progress in addressing homelessness among LGBT people. We are training CARITAS volunteers on transgender inclusive policies and are developing two of the first statewide webinars to eliminate barriers for transgender people accessing homeless services. This is being done through collaboration with the Fan Free Clinic, the Department of Housing and Community Development, VCU and Equality Virginia. Again, making history.

Our monthly radio program on WRIR 97.3 FM has reached a huge audience in discussing issues that face our community.

Having every meeting room in our building nightly booked is almost a regular occurrence. We are very proud that an LGBT Alcoholic Anonymous and a Narcotics Anonymous group now meet here weekly. One more indication that we are on the right track as a community center.

None of this work could be done without the support of our financial contributors, thrift store shoppers and donors, bingo players, dedicated board members, committee volunteers and a phenomenal staff. Thank you for supporting us and I hope you celebrate the roles you have made in "making history."

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director

Diversity Richmond could use your support. Make a donation online or mail a check to 1407 Sherwood Avenue, Richmond, Va. 23220. All contributions are tax deductible.