Every civil rights movement experiences occasional setbacks. We had one recently in North Carolina when the legislative branch killed all LGBT protective measures in the state. Many of those who voted in favor of the legal discrimination would tell you that is how God wanted them to vote. Many bad things have been done in the name of religion. It could have been worse. At least they did not kill anyone. Killings in the name of God have left many blood stains in our history books.

Several years ago a friend of mine was superintendent of schools in a southwestern Virginia locale. He led the charge in changing the name of the school football team from the "Confederates." A mother visited him and shared that she had spoken with God the night before and God wanted the name to remain. My friend told the parent that he had actually spoken with God that morning and God had changed his mind. If only the North Carolina issue could be that simple.

North Carolina is now facing much outrage due to their decision. Corporations are expressing anger as they have long been creating atmospheres of fairness and have no tolerance for bigotry. The LGBT community and allies are now suing the state. We hope they win big.

Ironically, a few days following the North Carolina decision, the Republican governor of Georgia vetoed a similar measure that had been passed by his legislators. This is even more proof that we cannot label people due to their political party affiliation when it comes to our movement and civil rights. Good people come in all sorts of packages and associations. We must reach out to all.

Many lessons learned these past few days with one being that our fight is far from over. We will prevail because truth and justice in on our side. Some might even say that God is.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director

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