If there is any population of our community that faces hardcore, bigoted, legal discrimination, it is transgender men and women. However, our faith in justice was restored recently when a Richmond transgender woman was fired due to her sexual identity and was not only later re-hired, but the manager who fired her was terminated.

Georgia Carter was hired by a local Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, but after returning home from the interview she received a phone call from KFC telling her she did not have the job due to her being transgender, citing bathroom concerns. Word spread about her situation following an interview with WRIC TV 8.

When corporate KFC learned of the incident, they contacted Ms. Carter, offered her an immediate position with any local KFC and then fired the employee who terminated her job. KFC stated the manager was terminated "for violating the franchisee's anti-discrimination policy which is inclusive of gender identity and sexual orientation." KFC is also conducting training at the restaurant "to keep this from happening again."

As we know, certain Virginia legislators do not believe that this sort of thing happens — therefore no need for legal protection. What happened to Ms. Carter is perfectly legal in Virginia. It is only because of the responsible corporate leadership of Kentucky Fried Chicken that justice prevailed. Virginia law was actually on the side of the employee who fired Ms. Carter.

Thank you, Georgia Carter, for standing up for transgender people -- actually for all people who face injustices. And thank you, Kentucky Fried Chicken, for being on the right side. You are a corporate example to follow. Too bad certain Virginia politicos are not on your payroll.


Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director