When marriage equality was first being debated and when states were having ballot initiatives, we were constantly learning legal terms. It frequently occurred to me that the word "love" was often left out of the deliberations, when there was no more critical word than "love," as that was the reason we were having the debates in the first place.

We want to marry because we love each other. Actually, we had been conducting services of union for years, long before marriage was on the horizon. It did not really matter to us whether a religion or a government recognized our unions. That's not why we were exchanging vows.

Here we are months following the Supreme Court decision and we are still seeing legislation being introduced in attempts to diminish our marriages. Once again, some Virginia General Assembly members are determined to implement restrictions on our rights and freedoms.

One particular bill would have us obtain our marriage licenses from the Division of Motor Vehicles instead of through court clerks. The Family Foundation declared that a "win-win" as we could still get our licenses and clerks who don't believe in same-sex marriage would not have to go against their faith beliefs.

I wonder if the Family Foundation would also prefer we drink out of separate water fountains and sit in particular seats on a bus.

The Supreme Court of the United States declared that gay and lesbian people are no longer second class citizens when it comes to marriage. The opposition declared the institution of marriage was being destroyed. Pray tell, how has that happened? It hasn't.
The battle continues and it can be exhausting, but, we will win. We have the truth on our side while the resistance has fear tactics and distortions.

Please continue to voice your opinions through contacting your legislators. And when you write, remind them that love has everything to do with it.


Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director

With more harmful and discriminatory bills than Virginia's LGBT community has ever faced before, this year it will take everyone to stand up for equality and stop the anti-LGBT legislation. So far, none of the 9 anti-LGBT bills have been defeated yet. These blatantly prejudiced bills seek to harm gay and transgender Virginians in a number of ways, from discriminating against LGBT families to prohibiting transgender people and youth from using the appropriate restrooms in schools and government buildings. Your voice will make a difference ... contact your legislators today using the following link!