Our community has experienced much celebration, but that does not mean our work is done. All one needs to do is read a few news articles to realize that real threats still face us. Some Virginia lawmakers are gearing up for the next General Assembly session with hate-filled bills that target the LGBT community.

Our victories have not been won by accident. They were accomplished because people took roles in speaking out. I implore everyone to become an activist. There are many degrees of involvement and surely everyone can find their niche.

Frontline people are always needed to meet with legislators, write letters, serve on LGBT boards or coordinate events. Quiet activism can be providing financial support to organizations that work on our behalf.

Nonchalant behavior allows the opposition to win. And I can promise you that while we celebrated, the opposition's energy grew through their anger and frustration. They cannot produce anything that we cannot handle, but we must be ready to defend our freedoms.

Being involved in our movement is a rewarding, life-altering experience. It enriches. It enlivens and it paves the way for justice to solidly remain, and not be threatened with the change of elected administrations.

We would love to have you as a member of the Diversity Richmond family. If not us, take a look at one of our other many very worthwhile LGBT organizations here in River City. There is a place for everyone. We define community.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director