This has been an exciting year for Diversity Richmond. Our rebranding campaign made the headlines and won acclaim by the community. We expanded the thrift store, made significant updates to the facility and within the next few weeks, the building exterior will be a beautiful reflection of the work we do. Because of our efforts that allowed us to donate over $865,000 to LGBT nonprofits, we were recognized as the Foundation Philanthropy of the Year by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. We formed an art gallery committee of some of Richmond's most notable artists, and they have reinvigorated our gallery. Shows are booked through 2016.

A banner year, we must say.

We have also had our challenges. Bingo, which has been a longtime financial benefit to us, took a hit this year. Another nonprofit that rented our event hall for weekly games went out of business. We also decreased our games to one per week. By law, Bingo must be run by volunteers, not paid staff. Recruitment and retention of volunteers is an on-going challenge.

One way we are addressing the issues is by improving the event hall. The kitchen, which has been out of service for years, will soon be in operation. That, plus improving the exterior and updating the event hall will increase our rental business. Already, with minor improvements, the event hall is now booked just about every Saturday for the next few months.

Our next project is to do major work on the store flooring. The carpet is tattered, torn and stained. The plan is to have polished concrete flooring that will require minimal maintenance and repair.

We do an outstanding job of serving the community every day and our facility needs to reflect that service. We are working to make your community center one that we can all be proud of. We need your help in doing that.

Please make a tax-deductible financial donation by going here or by mailing checks to 1407 Sherwood Ave, 23220. If you have questions,

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director