Rev Lacette CrossIn an effort to broaden our reach and explore issues of concern of the LGBT communities, we are pleased to share the first of a series of articles by the Rev. Lacette Cross.

Our first addresses the role that faith can play in our lives. Rev. Cross, affectionately called “Rev. L.” is the pastor of Restoration Fellowship RVA and the founder of Will You Be Whole that carries discussions about sex and faith. Follow Rev. Cross on Facebook, Twitter (@lacettecross) and IG (@lacettecross)

If there are religious related issues that you would like for Rev. Cross to discuss, please let her know.

What Does Your Love Look Like?

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love; it's the only thing that there's just too little of…”  ~ What the World Needs Now Is Love, Hal David

We all know the words to this song. I’m sure you’re rocking side-to-side right now, humming the tune. It’s a catchy melody with a timeless message. There is always a need for live in our world. The question then becomes: what does love look like?

 To begin answering this question I think the most logical place to start is defining what love is. For many of us the immediate thought goes to the warm-fuzzy feelings of romantic love. We all know the butterflies and endless smiles. Most of us can recall the long several hour conversations that left our hearts fluttering. And yes, that is a type of love.

However, the love I think the song refers to and the kind we need in our world today is the strong emotion that undergirds and motivates good work in the world. It is both noun and verb. The intangible ideal that’s made real through our actions.

This love is what brings communities together. This love is what helps us be kind to others. This love is what pushes us outside of our comfort zones to help meet the needs of others. This love is what spurs on justice work in the world. This love is what changes minds, hearts and lives.

In the words of Mother Teresa: “Love in action is service.” So when you take a moment to think about love, consider these things. As you consider them I encourage you to take it a step further and talk with others about love. Ask them the question “What does your love look like?”  

I have faith that the more we do it, the more we courageously ask ourselves and others the challenging questions, the better we become as individuals and as a community.  Because “what the world needs now is love, sweet love.”