By Kate Fletcher

A critical date is just around the corner - November 8 - the day to exercise your right to vote. Regardless of who you vote for, voting is not just a right (for many a very hard-fought right) but an ethical responsibility. To exercise your right to vote in Virginia you MUST show an acceptable form of ID at the polls on election day. Don't have ID, unsure about your ID or don't know if you are available to vote on election day? You can request an absentee ballot and with a valid reason you can vote absentee. Go to to request an absentee ballot or to check on what is an acceptable form of ID.

Some cultures wait (or walk) for days to vote, some people get killed if they vote. We do not have these obstacles. Staying home and not voting is not an option. This election is historical; make your vote count. Above all else, VOTE!