by Wanda Fears, Long & Foster

These days there are lots of reasons to opt for condominium living over traditional homes. Homeowners no longer fit a particular bill. In today’s world of customizing 'til it works, there are as many different lifestyles as there are census boxes to check!


Who wants to come home to a house full of chores? If something goes wrong there’s no one to call on but yourself. It takes a lot of know-how and without that, any projects or repairs can get expensive quick. While with condo-living, you are indeed responsible for what you own, there is generally a list of items and routinely scheduled maintenance that the HOA covers without the owner having to worry about it.

Like the shared ownership of the land your condo sits on, many of the major costs are shared with your neighbors through association dues. These dues cover outside maintenance you may not have time— or the ability to do yourself. General groundskeeping from lawn mowing, landscaping and shoveling snow in the winter to the more costly repairs like roof damage, or window replacement can be covered by these dues.


Our growing and expanding metropolis is becoming more and more a hot-spot to live, work and travel to. However, we still pride ourselves in the small town feel and Richmond is not like New York City, Atlanta or DC. If you’re used to Big City Living, owning a condo might be a really great option for you! You still have all the benefits of home owning like building equity, increasing property value through renovations, or even just buying in a still up-and-coming area.

Many condominium communities offer great lifestyle amenities, some of which would be more costly if purchased individually. Benefits like a clubhouse to hold private or community gatherings, a gym, a swimming pool or a theatre room are often times a huge draw to condo living. In addition to these wonderful benefits, there is increased security as compared to a freestanding home, which is often contracted out to a private company decided on by the board.


All of the things mentioned above are great but as a member of the LGBT community sometimes we feel the most comfortable around some of our peers. Hathaway Towers offers: a convenient location, close to shopping and downtown. It offers many of the amenities like the ones mentioned above: a clubhouse, a pool and a gym. The units can be customized to your liking, I know because I did it and now it is perfect. There is no place like in Richmond and the LGBT community is paying attention because it has all the right qualities that allow someone to live a worry free lifestyle with little to no sacrifices.

There are many reasons why owning a condo is the right fit for you. The major thing when researching your desired condo is the contract, to know exactly what your fees are paying for and to go over the rules and bylaws. It’s also important to research the association to make sure they’ve been responsible in keeping to the budget and maintaining a healthy reserve fund. Having a real estate agent with experience in condos can help you minimize your risk and find the condo that’s perfect for you!

Hathaway Towers is located off of Forest Hill Ave at 2956 Hathaway Rd, minutes away from downtown.

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